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The Restoration of the Revival Church:

On October 14, 2015, Jill Walker Ministries purchased the 502 W. Emery building. This particular building was very special to Pastor Jill, her family and parishioners. In 1989, JWM purchased the building from the Catholic Diocese of Springfield, IL for $15,000.

The building was built and completed in 1915 and used for worship by the Catholics until 1988. In May 1989, JWM took possession of the building and services began on June 27, 1989, until May 2010. Pastor Jill and the church board felt let to give the building away for free to a major denomination. Everything was included in the building as a gift to keep the gospel message proclaimed and to preserve the rich history of this building. Before the transaction of ownership occurred, Pastor Jill specified to the overseer of this denomination that she wanted the building to be used for the gospel. She could have sold it to be used for other purposes such as: rummage sale building, or restaurant with a bar or video gaming. To keep it preserved as a house of prayer and worship, she generously gave it away!

Much to her surprise, on September 19, 2015, she met a woman at the Pumpkin Patch in Arthur, IL who relayed that the church in Lovington was sold (empty) to be used for a restaurant and bar.

After inquiring at the Sullivan courthouse, Pastor Jill found out the building was sold for $5,000. Nothing was left but a refrigerator, wheelchair and sweeper and some light bulbs, and trash. Much to her disappointment, Jill knew she had to do something to preserve the rich history of the church building and preserve it from being used for other purposes than preaching. Her request and generosity had been ignored. But this wasn’t a time to hold a grudge, harbor un-forgiveness or get angry. This was a time to move quickly and try to gain back the building.

Shortly thereafter, the name and number of the man was given to Pastor Jill by another Pastor she knew. The building was sold to this man for $5,000. What if she offered him $10,000? Would he take it? She made her offer. Virtually nothing was left in it because the previous church owners she gave the building to sold off the items for their next church location. The individual who purchased this property only weeks earlier was not ready to sell it, not even for more than the price he paid. Jill, her family, and church family, were very disappointed. Only a miracle from God could make this man change his mind and heart. Matthew 19:26 has always been one of Jill’s favorite Bible verses, and now once again, the Word of God and the power of prayer would come through to touch this man’s heart.

Eight days later, he contacted Pastor Jill, on vacation, and was ready to sell the Lovington church property to Jill Walker Ministries. The legal transaction was completed on October 14, 2015.

Now, the overwhelming task of finding pews, pulpit, sound system, nursery items, kitchen appliances and more, were necessary to find. Painting, plumbing, electrical and landscaping projects began immediately to restore this beautiful 1915 building back to its intended purpose; to be used as a place of worship for the glory of God!

Pastor Jill wants to personally thank Mr. John Gordon for being so kind to re-consider his decision to sell the building to Jill for $10,000. He has been very kind and considerate to help Jill get her desire accomplished, although John only owned the property for approximately 6 weeks, his plans were exchanged for God’s purpose and plans to restore this historical building and let it be a light house for other generations to come.

If anyone reading this desires to contribute to the restoration and preservation of The Revival Church (in Lovington), any donations would be appreciated, as Jill is a charitable, non profit 501c3 corporation.

Please mail any contributions to:

The Revival Church

502 W. Emery, Lovington, IL 61937.

For more inquiries or info, feel free to call Pastor Jill Walker at 217-712-1608.

Lovington Location

502 W. Emery, IL 61937


Painting white the steeple and cross with a 50 foot lift. November 2, 2015.