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Every Wednesday evening, The Pioneer Club meets at The Revival Church from 7:00 - 8:00 p.m. during the church service. Pioneer Clubs is for grades 3rd-6th.

There will be music, Bible stories, crafts and games. Snacks will be given at the end of every Wednesday night session, for the children to take home.

For more info about what The Pioneer Club is all about, please visit the corporate website: www.pioneerclubs.org or come some Wednesday night to visit our local Pioneer Club during meeting hours, from 7 - 8 p.m, at The Revival Church, in Mattoon, IL.

Abby Walker

Sunday Morning Children's Church Leader and Pioneer Club Leader/Coordinator

Dawn Goodrich

Lower Elementary

K-2nd Grade Teacher

Dara Shae

Lower Elementary

K-2nd Grade Teacher

Dawn teaches lower elementary grades with her sister, Dara.


  1. 1.Please do not chew gum or eat candy during The Pioneer Club one hour session.
    2. Please do not bring any drinks (except water) into club.
    3. Please be respectful to your Pioneer Club teachers. They have studied and went to alot of work to help make your club a success!
    4. Please be polite to your friends and visitors who attend the club.
    5. Remember this is God's house, and we should show respect in every way possible.
    6. Please try to keep your voice quiet. The adults are in the sanctuary having a Bible study. Our space here is small. Until we build or buy a bigger church building, we need to remember to keep our voice down and not shout or talk loudly during class.
    7. Any disruptive behavior (acting inappropriately or rudely) will have to be dealt with. Here are the steps we will take:
    a) The teacher will politely ask the student(s) to be quiet.
    b) If the student continues to disrupt, the teacher will ask Pastor Jill to take the student with her to the adult Bible study class in the sanctuary.
    c) Ask the mis-behaving student to call his parent for a ride back home or if the student lives nearby will walk home.

    PLEASE NOTE: All students who disrupt in class, will be warned once before any other kind of action (mentioned above) will take place. If the student recognizes the warning and continues to ignore with more negative behavior, then the teacher will proceed with the (above) measures to help the class continue to learn and not be distracted by the behavior of the noisy or distracting student who refuses to obey the rules.

    Please also note that never will a Pioneer Club teacher ever spank, use negative, verbal, abusive words or language to correct a disrupting student. Never will a Pioneer Club teacher, grab, hold, push or hurt a child in any physical manner.

    Every Pioneer Club teacher has been prayerfully chosen by the Pastor, to fulfill God's purpose for The Pioneer Club students who attend weekly. Every teacher (and teacher's helper) will walk in God's love at all times and uphold high standards of conduct, language, dress code (no low cut tops or vulgar attire).

    When correction is needed (for the student), every teacher (and teacher's helper) will keep a calm voice tone and not be moved by any negative situation they may face.

    "Cool. Calm. Collective". These are the outstanding qualities The Pioneer Club teachers live by and will continue to display every time The Pioneer Club meets each week.

    If there is a cancellation of The Pioneer Club, we will let the students know at least one week in advance.

    For emergency reasons, such as: weather, or a death in the family, etc. we apologize that we will not be able to foresee this ahead of time to warn you. Thank you for your kind understanding in this matter.

    God bless you, parents, for allowing your precious children to attend our Pioneer Club.

    God bless you, students, for deciding to come and visit or regularly attend our weekly Pioneer Club meetings!

    We hope both parents and children will find The Pioneer Club is very satisfying and enjoyable for the youth in this city. Our goal is to make this season in each child's life, one they will always remember as awesome!

    In God's Love -
    Pastor Jill Walker. Matthew 19:26 - "With God All Things Are Possible"

Please visit our websites, to find out more about our ministry: www.jillwalker.org and The Revival Church, call (217) 712-1608, E-Mail: revjill@yahoo.com


(For The Pioneer Club)


  1. 1.Girls - please do not wear any low-cut tops of any kind. Keep your chest area covered.

    2. Girls - please do not wear short skirts so others cannot see your underwear. Capri's and shorts (at a reasonable length) that don't expose your underwear when you bend over, is fine.

    3. Boys - please do not wear baggy jeans or jeans that look like they are falling down your waist. We wouldn't want your clothes to fall off during The Pioneer Club session. Jeans and shorts are totally acceptable if worn appropriately for this type of setting.

    4. Please boys and girls, do not wear any profane t-shirts with cuss words or suggestive implications that would distract others in the class. We are here to learn about God. We want our Pioneer Club atmosphere to be pleasant, pure, enjoyable and fun!

    Thank you all for your kind cooperation!

  2. 2.

Sincerely - Pastor Jill Walker - Matt. 19:26 revjill@yahoo.com (217) 712-1608.

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