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Senior Pastor: Pastor Jill Walker

Pastor Jill was ordained on May 12, 1988. Later, she received her Bachelor's degree in Theology in 2007. She has been in ministry since 1981, serving in christian radio and television, as well as teaching music and piano throughout the years in christian schools. Her intense love for the word has led her to speak at many ladies meetings and conferences. This is Pastor Jill's 4th pioneer church work. Pastor Jill has a pastor's heart but still fulfills the call as an evangelist as well from time to time as speaking engagements in church settings and conferences open up to her. For more info: www.jillwalker.org. You may also email Pastor Jill at revjill@yahoo.com or call 217-712-1608.

Rules For Sunday School Teachers

1) All teachers must be born again.
2) No cigarette smoking, social drinking or any other kind of addictions.
3) No cussing.

4) Faithful in church attendance.Vacations, occasional special events, etc. to attend elsewhere, is permissible and illness, of course!
5) The appropriate dress attire for Sunday School teachers must be modest. Please no low cut tops. Skirts that are more than 2 inches above the knees are not acceptable. If a ladies top is "at-the-edge" of being too low, this is not acceptable. Here's the test, if you bend over and breast area is exposed in any way, the top is too low. Modesty is the best policy. You should be a Christ-like example to the children you are teaching. We don't need to advertise and draw attention to the parts of our body. It's a sign of insecurity and displays unhealthy sexual issues within the personality of that individual teacher. Tight pants that are not covered with a long sweater, top, or blouse, is not acceptable, either. Tights are fine, if there is a long top covering down past the hips, between the knees and thighs. Short tops with tights are not acceptable.
6) Men must wear pants or jeans that are not falling down to his bottom. No part of the underwear exposed, please. No tank tops exposing the hair on your chest is allowed. Dress as an example to your students. You are a child of the King! You are serving the King of King as a Sunday School teacher. Save the tank top for recreation or home attire.
7) We believe marriage is between a man and a woman. No same-sex dating, etc. is permissible for a Sunday School teacher.
8) Anytime a Sunday School teacher has violated his/her body sexually, by forniction or adultery, that teacher will need counseling from the pastor and terminated or put on probation until further notice.
9) No lying is permitted. No exceptions. Anytime this occurs, the teacher will be warned once. If lying continues, the teacher will be on probation and possibly replaced by  a new teacher.
10) Stealing causes immediate probation. Next time, the teacher will be dismissed. In all cases, the teacher is very welcome to continue to attend all the services. May not be permitted to be involved in leadership roles. Counseling and true repentance, will allow the former teacher or worker to be permitted back into leadership, after a reasonable amount of time has lapsed.
11) A teacher must be diligent in daily prayer, Bible reading, and devotions in his/her personal life at home. 

12) Please don't study your lesson a few minutes before your class should begin. Take your responsibility seriously and study your lesson ahead of time.
13) Let the pastor know when you are low on any teaching materials or supplies. 
14) Never keep money, offerings, piggy banks, etc., out in the open for children (or visitors), to be tempted to steal. It is wisdom to hide the money in a cabinet or drawer after the class is over.
15) Do not let the children draw on the tables with crayons, pens or pencils, unless paper is being used to mark on. It's hard to get the ink, markers, pens removed from the surface of the table.
16) Don't let children 'rock' in their chair! Its' dangerous!  We don't want law-suits.  : )
17) If a child is mis-behaving try not to touch the child.  Have another child get the pastor or pastor's spouse to come and remove the child from the class.   Warn the child once, if the child refuses to obey, take heed to the above advice and seek help to remove the child, without physically touching him/her.
18) Do not cook in the church kitchen (the oven or range) unless you are 18 yrs. or older. This needs to be supervised with an adult.
19) Do not allow loud screaming, running, kicking cussing or any other kind of disruptive behavior in the class. Warn the student and take appropriate measures to stop the negative behavior.
20) Never  name call your student in any fashion that is derogatory.  Ex: stupid, dummy, idiot, lazy, slow, dumb, etc. Speak God's Word over your students with love. You always take the higher road.
21) Pray for your students through out the week.
22) Send them a postcard, if necessary. Your pastor will supply these postcards and stamps with ministry money. Just ask!
23) Candy or any other kind of food is only permissible at the very end  of class. The students are NOT allowed to eat food within the perimeters of the church building. Do not leave any extra food in the church, unless it's kept in the refrigerator. No bugs is always nice, isn't it?!?! 
24) Please feel free to empty the Sunday School garbage cans anytime you want.  : ) 
26) Finally, any questions, comments or concerns, may be taken to the pastor by text, phone or e-mail.  Communication with the pastor over any class issues is appropriate and expected from time to time.

Children's Church Leader: Abby Walker

Abby is the daughter of Pastor Jill and Pastor Mike. She has been teaching Children's Church classes for nine years. Her hobbies include reading, playing the violin, competing in pageants (currently a state and national title holder), and practicing cosmetology. She teaches Sunday School in Mattoon for 3rd-6th Grades, Kids Church in Lovington for K-6th Grades, and Pioneer Club in Mattoon on Wednesday nights for 3rd-6th Grades.

Assistant Pastor: Pastor Mike Walker

Pastor Mike graduated from the University of Illinois in 1975. His bachelor's degree is in business. And business IS definitely his forte and anointing! As a project manager and Vice-President of Colcon Corporation, Sullivan, Illinois, Pastor Mike has personally over seen over 130 Wal Mart's and Supercenters. Besides having the largest corporation (Wal Mart) as one of his clients, he has also overseen other projects for Lowes, Menard's and Home Depot and various mall projects through out the mid-western states. God has greatly used and anointed Pastor Mike to utilize his business skills, with God's anointed touch, to bless the body of Christ, financially, spiritually and with a great business mind to influence others who need business wisdom. Pastor Mike has assisted his wife (married 40 years) as she's travelled, sang and preached to hundreds. Mike is a "one-of-a-kind" and a treasure to the church. We appreciate you, Mike!

You can email him at: mwalker@colconcorp.com

Pastor Mike's "Building Blocks"

"Whosoever heareth these sayings of mine and doeth them. I will liken them unto a wise man, which built his house upon a rock."
Matthew 7:24

In this parable, Jesus taught us the importance of building your house on a rock and not on the sand. Many of you probably remember the children's song that used to be sung about this parable. Part of that song was, "the rains came down and the floods came up". Then finally, "the house on the sand went BOOM"

Similarly, we must build our lives on something solid that will not fail us when the storms of life come against us. Remember in the parable that they very same rains that fell on the foolish man's house also fell on the wise man's house. The only difference was that the rains tend to wash the sand away, but have little or no effect on the rock.

The other interesting aspect of this story was the fact that the foolish man's foundation was not noticed that much until the rains came down and the winds began to blow. Until that point, everything was fine with this house, or at least it appeared to be fine. In fact, it probably looked just as good as the wise man's house. Perhaps even better. After all, it may have had a better looking roof or more windows. But none of that really mattered when the real test came, because the house was destined to collapse.

The only foundation suitable to build our lives on is the Word of God.

"For no other foundation can no man lay than that is laid, which is Jesus Christ".
I Cor 3:11

People try other things, such as family, education, entertainment, hobbies, money, but in the end these things fail us miserably. It's not that they are bad things, it's just that they do not make good foundation material. It may appear for a while that they do in fact work, but in the end, the house (or in this case, your life) cannot be supported on anything other than God's Word.

In future articles, we will take a look at how we put these foundations in place in our lives and how extremely important they are to our success as a believer. After all, God is the one who made us and He is therefore uniquely qualified to know how to see to it that our houses stand strong against all the negative forces that comes against it.

Meet Our Staff

“ We live in turbulent times. Our nation is changing drastically year after year. Morals and integrity are no longer important to individuals. Rather, everyone did what was right in his own eyes? (Judges 17:6) The word of God IS relevant today. God never changes, neither does His precious word. Heaven and earth will someday pass away, but never His holy word.

The only hope America and the rest of the world has is Jesus. If we will put our complete trust and confidence in Him, God will see us through every difficult situation. Have you personally made Jesus your Lord and Savior? You can! He is just a prayer away. “For whoever shall call upon the name of the Lord SHALL be saved.” (Romans 10:13) Also read: Romans 10:9 & 10. Even a child can become born again (or saved). God has made our eternal decision that easy. Repent of your sins. Ask Jesus to be your Savior. He will. Keep your heart clean every day, by asking Jesus to forgive you of any sins of that day. Read your Bible and pray. Go to Bible-believing church weekly. Be a witness. Share the gospel, especially to those who have never heard.
Read Revival beings with you! You may be the only Christian they will ever know. So many people claim to be “Christians” but do not genuinely live by the word of God (the Bible).
Make a difference in this world, your neighborhood, work place and home. Live out the gospel.

Revival in our nation can still happen, if we as individuals stay close to God, love others and share the wonderful news of salvation, many more will be won into God’s eternal kingdom, called Heaven.

Will you be that person who will make a difference?

You can ask God to stir your heart with a greater love for Him, lost souls and passion to proclaim His message to those you meet.”