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The River Church
Jesus is the Source of True Life

Our Vision

We intend to…

  1. See people properly trained and spiritually equipped to win souls outside the walls of the revival church and to instill a desire and hunger in them for revival.
  2. Maintain a strong healing anointing in our services and to always encourage every individual to go out and pray for the sick according to Mark 16:18.
  3. Offer an expanded television ministry that always endeavors to lift up the name of Jesus and present his saving, healing and delivering power to a greater number of people.
  4. Use radio to preach the gospel in whatever way that God would open up future doors.
  5. Identify individuals with the call of God on their lives for ministry and be used to mentor them toward that destiny.
  6. Support more ministries in greater ways financially than ever before.
  7. Partner with a ministry that feeds and supports children in poor countries or even see this ministry ultimately be used to start an orphanage overseas.
  8. Our pastors strive for excellence and integrity in all areas of the ministry, especially teaching and preaching.
  9. Develop a powerful team of healing room workers that are trained to minister to the sick that come to the church for prayer and to go, as God would lead into individual houses, hospitals and to nursing home facilities.
  10. Reach out to the needy, disadvantaged and hurting people in the area with food, clothing, and occasionally in financial ways.
  11. Develop a strong next generation of disciples through our youth ministry.
  12. Be used individually and corporately as a church in the realm of intercessory prayer.